The Circadia Oxygen Treatment
During the summer months clients enjoy the outdoors and do not want a skin care treatment that can result in photo sensitivity.  Many peels can reactivate in high humidity and cause stinging and inflammatory responses.  Even neutralized peels can leave skin stinging in high humidity and upon perspiration.  The Circadia Oxygen Treatment stimulates new skin cells and impacts hyper-pigmentation without down time, stinging, or post treatment inflammatory responses.  Mineral makeup can also be worn immediately after treatment.  The Circadia Oxygen Treatment will not reactivate in high humidity or upon perspiration and is excellent for those who wish to continue skin rejuvenation during the summer.  The Circadia Oxygen Treatment is also beneficial for those under acne treatment, since it provides germicidal action and reduces redness due to vaso-constriction properties.  The Circadia Oxygen Treatment continues to be the benchmark for treating rosacea.

The Circadia Swich Treatment
Circadia Swich Treatment is a patented dermal rejuvenation system that triggers the skin’s natural repair response providing restoration of extrinsic skin damage as well as impacting intrinsic skin aging with minimal or no epidermal damage. Little to no down time, stinging, or post treatment inflammatory responses occur and mineral makeup can be worn immediately following application of Fraction V. The Circadia Swich Treatment will not reactivate in high humidity or upon perspiration. Circadia Swich is an excellent treatment option for those with aging, photo-damaged or environmentally-damaged skin who wish to restore their skin to its youthful appearance.

The Circadia Skin Care line is the culmination of the hard work and research in skin and aging by world-renowned author and anti-aging expert, Dr. Peter T. Pugliese. Circadia is advanced professional skin care, offering superior results through professional anti-aging skin care products. For more information on Circadia Advanced Skin Care products, visit The Hideaway Day Spa.

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